Corona 1.0 for 3ds Max is out!

Finally released the first commercial version of Corona for 3ds Max.


“This is it. The road was a bit longer than we expected, but we are proudly releasing the version 1.0 of Corona Renderer for 3ds Max today. Cannot wait another second?”

Major New Features

We are sure that you have already seen the features section on our web, but here is a short recap of the major new features introduced in Corona Renderer 1.0:

  • Interactive rendering supporting virtually all materials, maps, geometry, and Corona features. It uses the same engine and produces exactly the same results as final frame rendering.
  • UHD cache: a new biased caching solution. This cache is very similar to the good old HD cache, but it produces less bias and does not flicker in animations, even in scenes with moving geometry.
  • SSS and volumetric scattering capability
  • GGX microfacet BRDF model that allows creating realistic metal materials easily
  • Reworked UI dialogs: Corona now uses 3 tabs instead of single one, eliminating scrolling and searching for the correct rollout.
  • CoronaMultiMap texture allows easy randomization of colors and texmaps with instances. It works with any scatter plugin, and with 3ds Max native instancing.
  • Improved Blend material support: it now renders faster, supports nested Blend materials, bump mapping, render elements, emission, displacement, BDPT/VCM, and more.
  • CoronaScatter improvements: controlling density and scaling with maps, option to avoid instance collisions.
  • ShadowCatcher improvements: added more texture inputs, bump mapping, light lluminators, more reflection controls.
  • Uninstaller and Licensing server included in the installer.

“Happy rendering!”

Corona WEB

Corona – Alpha 7 Released!

Corona renderer is a new (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available both as fully integrated 3ds MAX plugin, and a standalone CLI application. While it is still under development, it is already widely used in production. Since Corona was started in 2009 by Ondra KarlĂ­k, it became a production-ready renderer capable of creating high quality results, with over 35 000 downloads already.

The renderer is currently in an open alpha-test stage. This means it is free to use, even for commercial projects, without any resolution limitations or watermarks. It can be downloaded at the Corona forum. The forum is currently also the main source of information, since there is no proper website yet.

Corona web

Download Here